Aquamarine + Moonstone Sterling Silver Bracelet

Aquamarine + Moonstone Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Aquamarine: 5mm
Moonstone: 5mm
White quartz: 7mm

S925 Sterling Silver

Chakra: Heart, Throat & Third Eye Chakra
Benefits: Calms, soothes anxiety and eases fear. Allows you to overcome barriers to speaking. Especially suitable for those who need the ability to speak, or to express with a calm attitude in conflict.
The symbol of Aquamarine flows like water into eternity, enhancing the commitment between lovers.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown Chakra
Benefits: Calming and soothing especially for those with anxiety or fear. Travel protection stone. Promotes courage, protection, and self-expression, as well as discovering spiritual truths.

White Quartz
Chakra: Crown Chakra
Benefits: A self-purifying crystal. Amplifies the properties of all crystals, healers, protects, purifies, amplifies energies and thoughts, balances body and mind, and enhances concentration.