About Us

A girl who was born and raised in Hong Kong and now lives in Taiwan.

I liked art since I was a child, but after graduation, I entered the commercial society for more than ten years. I have been working hard for my career with all my heart, and it is purely for the satisfaction that my works bring. I have met people from various countries and countries, and I am grateful to have met many good people and the culture that opened my eyes.
After more than ten years, I suffered a serious illness and became powerless. It made me rethink my direction and meaning of life. I'm more concerned about body and mind. A friend introduced me to crystal healing and I began to do handicrafts.
At the end of 2021, I launched my crystal handmade bracelets brand and hope to share with friends who like crystals or just like accessories. 2manycrystals hopes that no matter what the environment is, everyone can maintain physical, mental and spiritual health, Safe and happy life!

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